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Eatontown Locksmith  September 10, 2016 – 04:32 pm
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Where do I start? I live in Los Angeles. I was visiting in NJ for business. When I landed at the airport I rented a car for my stay. Unfortunately, the time difference and the long hours of travel affected me. While on my way to my first (of four) meetings, I stopped to fill up my car with gas. Of course, I locked myself out of my car with both sets of keys inside of the car. My AAA expired so I was left with no option other than hiring the service of a locksmith. I called the first number I saw on google and was shocked to learn that at NJ someone has the nerve to charge $250 for a car lockout. I politely told the person over the phone to go F**k himself. I then came across Jersey Shore Locksmith's page. I called them and spoke on the phone with a very pleasant and informed serve rep named David Cohen. David immediately offered to come open my car. Although my location was about 45 minutes away from Mr. Cohen's technician, Mr. Cohen offered to come meet me and open my car. When I asked for the price (expecting another rip off) I was surprised to hear from Mr. Cohen that it will only cost me $75 with an additional $25 service fee. I told Mr. Cohen that is acceptable and within 35 minutes Mr. Cohen's technician was on site. He opened my car quickly and refused to accept any amount of money as tip. I am taking my time to write this review because I was almost ripped off by a different company. And I think it is important to inform the public of a company that is both honest and reasonable as Jersey Shore Locksmith is. Thank you Mr. Cohen!

just moved into my new dream home waited 6 years to be able to afford it one problem tho last owner is crazy and refusing to get the key back called a couple places they all had excuses ended up founding jersey Shore locksmith they came after 30 minutes changed locks on 9 doors cut me some extra keys and were nothing but proffiesional so happy with there service that I told my neighbor about them and he hired them the day after I keep their card in my wallet and it makes me feel safe thank youy guys for being at my house on time and get through job done right

After a crazy long day at work I had to ride 2 hours on the train to find out that I lost the keys to my home. I was shocked at the beginning and didn't know what to after calling my mother we decide to hire a local lock smith to get me into my place. My only option was that or stay at a hotel which my mom didn't want me to do. I was reading a lot of reviews and after reading how happy people were with Jersey shore lock smith services there wasn't any question I decided to hire them for the job. I called the main number and a dispatch answer, took all my info and she double checked to make sure I was the actual resident. After 15 mins they arrived and opened my door in no time. It was a fair amount of money. I'm beyond thankful knowing that there is good local company's out there who still try to do things right. Jersey shore locksmith. Continue to keep the shore secure. Alley


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