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Safe Won't Open? What To Do When You Are Locked Out Of Your  July 11, 2017 – 11:01 am

Safe Won't OpenWhen a safe won’t open, it could be for any number of reasons. But the goal is always the same. You need to know what to do to get back inside your locked safe. There are many things that people don’t know about safes, but the what you can do when your safe won’t open always remains the same. There is a bit of information that you will need to gather so that you are better prepared to regain access to your locked safe. And at any point, you can choose to call a locksmith to assist you. But here is what you need to do when you are locked out of your safe.

Determine Your Type of Safe

Knowing what type of safe you have is incredibly important to finding out what your next step is. In cases where you are looking to open your locked safe yourself, you can’t find the relevant information when all you know is, “my safe won’t open”. If you know the brand name, even this can help you when you’re locked out of your safe.

Locked Out Of SafeThe brand name of the safe is often quite easy to find. Most likely there will be a company logo on the front door of the safe. However, sometimes the logo will not include the name of the manufacturer, instead, it may just have some form of decal or illustration. But most will have large painted letters spelling out the company’s name.

If your safe won’t open, and there is no clear brand name, the next step is to look for any type of purchasing information. If that cannot be found, you can take a look at the type of construction and size of the safe. There is a chance that a safe won’t open is not a safe at all, rather it is a lockbox. Lockboxes and safes are two different devices, but either can be accessed by a professional.

This leads me to the final bit of advice. If you do not know what type of safe you are dealing with, call a safe locksmith. Just tell them that, “my safe won’t open”, and your job is as good as done. They will diagnose the issue and make sure that you are not locked out of your safe a moment longer than necessary.

Why Are You Locked Out?

Sure, your safe won’t open, but that is the symptom, not the diagnoses. In order to get back into your locked safe, the precise nature of the safe lockout has to be uncovered. A professional will, of course, be able to tell you why your safe won’t open. However, if you are looking to find out for yourself, you may need to troubleshoot the issue.


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