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Businesses are going on the road  February 23, 2017 – 12:14 pm
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There have long been mobile businesses, such as automotive glass repair, car detailing, locksmiths, etc., but the business model is now expanding. Heavy traffic and busy lives have created an opportunity for several new businesses to become mobile and take their services on the road.

Dr. Jennifer Hepler, a chiropractor, recently started Joyful Health Chiropractic, taking her portable equipment with her on house calls.

Born and raised in Ormond Beach, Hepler, worked in chiropractic clinics in North Carolina and Tallahassee after getting her degree at Palmer College of Chiropractic, Port Orange. She saw the need for mobile chiropractic practice and decided to start one in her home town.

“Busy professionals do not have to leave their office, and patients don’t have to battle traffic or sit in a waiting room, ” she said. “Families don’t have to figure how to coordinate all their kids’ schedules. Life is busy and time is precious.”

Hepler now wants to create a community of mobile businesses to network and support each other. Call 530-5475.


Paul Whiting has a franchise business called Brake Squad Daytona. He said he was looking for a business investment and decided it would be a perfect fit because of his automotive background. He is ASE certified.

“I had my windshield repaired years ago and I remembered how convenient it was, ” he said.

He goes to homes or businesses and recently fixed the brakes on a car while the owner was out on a boat running his charter service.

While it’s convenient for customers, he likes the fact that he’s not tied to a brick and mortar business.

He covers Volusia County, Flagler Beach and Palm Coast. Call Whiting at 846-6326.


Mark Granam has been traveling to the customer and fixing cars in Flagler County since 2011. He started fixing brakes and doing oil changes, but now has two vans and a shop in Bunnell so he says he does “anything and everything.” Cars that have broken down make up a part of his business, and he says he saves the customer a tow bill. A former manager of an auto parts store, he got the idea for the business when he noticed that many customers needed to have a part installed. Call 793-9348.


Heather Branton runs Reclaim Massage, helping people reclaim their life by relieving stress and increasing mobility. She said a big advantage to the customer is that, after the massage, they are already home and don’t have to get back on the road.

The advantage for her is that she doesn’t have the expense of operating in a building. Branton serves all of Volusia County and can be reached at 785-9200.


Lee and Laura Walker run Backpack Software, helping small businesses and residential customers with their computer problems.

“Large companies have IT departments, ” said Laura Walker. “We’re the IT for the small business.”

Residential users call when their computer is slow, or have other problems such as a lot of pop-ups or learning new software.

With Backpack Software, customers don’t have to unplug everything and bring it into store. Also, problems can be environmental, she said. For example, one time a customer said there was a “buzzing” noise and it turned out that it came from a microwave next door.

“We work in partnership with people, ” Walker said. “They are not just dropping off their computer at a store and picking it up.”

She said they leave behind notes to help the customer remember procedures.

Call 290-9563.


Even meal preparation has become mobile. Kirk Girdley was a personal trainer and often created healthy menus for his client. That developed into a mobile business called After-Body Meals.

He delivers prepared, healthy meals that only need heating up. He has a variety of customers, from young workers or students to seniors.

He just celebrated his one-year anniversary and said he prepares 900 meals per week. He serves most of Volusia County and is branching into Orlando.


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