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Pacific Locksmiths  February 25, 2017 – 11:51 am
Pacific Locksmith - Pacific, MO (636) -0639 (805) 772-5532

After losing my one and only car keys, James waited for me to get off of work and fixed me up. Nice, friendly guy.

Pacific Locksmiths came out and replaced a deadbolt in January. It does not work now. I called today and asked them to help me. They said they could not come out until next Tuesday. There is no way to access the house with a key in the front door. Incidentally, no one has lived in this house since the deadbolt was replace. I don't understand why I cannot get them to come and replace the deadbolt and rekey it for several days. Service is not their specialty, I presume.

Called these people when our housekeeper discovered that one of our renters had locked an inner bedroom door (we didn't know there was a lock on that door). Shrewish and extremely rude woman answered the phone and refused to listen to my request when I indicated that I couldn't be at the house personally when someone from her company came. ( My neighbor had volunteered since we are out of town). Luckily, found someone else who was both pleasant and accommodating. Wouldn't recommend these people.

So I'm new to Morro Bay and bought a house that came with three separate keys for the exterior doors. The tech for Pacific Locksmiths came on time and focused on resolving my issues for a very reasonable price. I ended up with all locks keyed the same and therefore one key fits all.

I have never talked to a more rude person working in a service industry. She snapped, snarled and raised her voice then told me to find another locksmith. She should not be in business especially working with the public.

I have no idea how this business's rating is this high. If you want a more realistic rating, look at the google reviews, where their rating is a 1. I was locked out of my apartment with my dog inside at midnight, called them and asked how long it would be until they could come. The receptionist responded "it doesn't matter about the time. It would be $175 dollars." And hung up on me. What great customer service. I called again and repeatedly how long it would be, and then said I am willing to pay $175 before she hung up on me the second time. She let out an annoyed sigh before saying let me look who I have available. She literally put the phone down for less than three seconds, picked it up, said no one was available, and hung up on me again. I can't recall a time a worker has been this rude and unhelpful. Your business, at least late night is a joke and disgraceful to the management of your company.

Stranded at Costco about 5:30 pm when I locked my purse and keys in the trunk, under all my frozen groceries. Called AAA and they indicated they had to send a locksmith, but approximate time was 1.5 hours. Pacific Locksmith was able to send their truck within 30 minutes. I found out that Lexus is not an easy car to get into - good to know but a problem for me! Pacific Locksmith did a GREAT job, went behind the norm and had to remove my door lock in order to open my door (while security alarm is blaring). I was very happy to have my purse and keys back, before the frozen bags starting melting. Thank you SO Much!


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