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Armor Locksmith Services  July 8, 2017 – 10:49 am
Petaluma CA Locksmith Services 24hr - abir locksmith 1-877-536-5625 (707) 762-0434

I so appreciate being able to call a small businessman who is honest and super helpful! I called about getting locks on my car fixed, and this kind man responded that they don't do that kind of work. BUT he gave me the names and numbers of two other places to call. Thanks so much, Armor Locksmith! You can be sure that I will visit you for helpful service in the future!

Clearly I was dealing with a hired young dude being paid very little, who has no pride of ownership, who doesn't like customers, and had some place to be. Lousy locksmith skills. Bad service-didn't explain things well. Destroyed a vintage lock. Then charged me an arm and a leg. Could have cared less about me or his job. I so regret not reading the Yelp reviews closer. What the old timers call "highway robbery" and a crying shame. I'm very disappointed.

Always use Armor for lock and key needs. quick and friendly!!

Purchased aftermarket key fobs for my Dodge Grand Caravan. I took the key blanks to a locksmith, knowing that if they are cut wrong, you just can't take another key off the wall and try again. "I can do it, but no guarantees." seconds later, "Whoops." But hey, no charge for ruining my spare key in the key fob. And he did warn me. Didn't seem to be too upset about it. What just happened? I will not be back.

Today I needed a locksmith to come out to an event site and get a lock repaired. I called Armour and although very nice and professional they were running late. I was having a less than perfect day. However once the technician arrived the entire job was just PERFECT! Then at the end of the service my car battery had died and I was so blessed that my technician had a jumper battery and was so kind to help me. Great company- great service.

This service came to my rescue, when I had a lock out on the weekend. The service was prompt, and I was back in the house within no time. They made a spare key for me really fast too.


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