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Houdini Locksmiths in Port Elizabeth  July 20, 2017 – 03:01 pm
Locksmith Port Elizabeth Safety and Security, Home Improvement

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Longitude: 064
Latitude: -981

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I would like to congratulate Houdini for the awesome service that they delivered to my husband and I today. It was a case of a service gliche that was handled with absolute professionalism & resolved promptly. We had keys cut for our home & after trying the keys & returning them to Houdini for modification, as they wouldn't open our door, the representative from Houdini said to my husband that we should give him a call if we weren't successful & he would then arrange for a visit to our home to resolve the issue - no charge. Hey presto, I called and within the hour we had the guys arrive at our home & the issue resolved. Thank you so much for the great service, it was much appreciated.


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