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Commonwealth Lock Company  February 11, 2017 – 11:28 am
Commonwealth Lock Company - 29 Reviews - Keys & Locksmiths - 1853
1853 Massachusetts Ave
Cambridge, MA 02140
(617) 876-3301

Definitely the go-to place for keys - in fact, for all things key and lock related. The older gentleman behind the key counter is an absolute prince. The younger guy - definitely not - and the other reviews about rude behavior, etc are well deserved. I sometimes wonder if he's the owner's son or what since it's incomprehensible that they'd put up with his attitude otherwise. But they make great keys so I keep going back. You can pick up just about anything that has to do with keys, locks, security etc here - there are lockboxes, gizmos to lock your windows, padlocks, safes - you name it. It seems to be the place where locksmiths go and in fact the store caters to them sometimes at the expense of other customers - you'll have to wait a bit longer at the counter to pay. All in all if you need new keys this is the place I'd come to first.

I went to TAG Hardware the other day to get copies of an apartment key made, and they told me they didn't have that type of key but that Commonwealth should, no problem. I went here and waited at the counter, only to receive grumbling service and the guy to tell me after a second's glance at the key that they couldn't make a copy. When I asked for more help, seeing as how they specialize in locks/keys... only... he simply said to contact the building's management. Ohhh - I hadn't thought of that! I was courteous, with cash in hand, but they seemed so unwilling to help and they were so tremendously unhelpful, that I left quickly. Other reviews said that they had wanted to support a small business but won't be returning. Unfortunately I'm in this same boat, and will be going to a competitor with at least slightly better customer service.

No question that Commonwealth is the best lock-&-key company in Cambridge. I speak with 40+ years direct experience. Be aware that they do not do house visits! If you need work done by a locksmith, you'll have to look elsewhere.

Despite it's modest exterior with the tainted windows that make the place look like it's possibly closed, I took a leap of faith and tried to go there to get a key replicated. I had previously attempted that feat at the nearby Tags Hardware but the people there suck and the copies didn't work at all. Here I knew that things would be different when I saw the staff measure the key multiple times using various tools before punching out the duplicate from a blank. It was rather interesting to watch and the entire process was rather quick and painless. And best of all affordable. The duplicates work perfectly and I left a very happy customer. The guy was friendly and they also sell all kinds of other key-related items and other gizmos. A great store.

Excellent customer service experience. Making a copy of my keys took all of one minute a cost a fraction of what I've paid in the past.

Called and took Medeco keys to copy after they said they had the right blanks and equipment to do so. Inquired as to whether the keys would work and was told, laughing, "we're not a neighborhood hardware store. They will work, absolutely." Serial numbers furnished. Keys didn't work at all. Called and was told to bring the keys back (nearly an hour each way) and when I asked what could be done, was told "I don't know. We'll look at it. Must be something wrong with your cylinders" They won't come to house, don't offer on-site service. Prior keys and cylinders worked fine. They dismissed this, and when I asked again, told to "bring all the cylinders along." Sure. Called a certified Medeco locksmith who came to the house, examined the copied keys and said that there had been too much material removed from the cuts in the blanks, showed me how he could tell (I'm obviously not a locksmith). Said he had heard the same before, and in fact just looking at the Yelp reviews, that is correct. I would never use them again. If you live around the corner and have simple locks, and plenty of patience, and your time is of almost no value, do as you choose. Otherwise, find a real locksmith with a proper attitude, training, and courtesy. Strongly DO NOT RECOMMEND. Cost: $94 plus 3 1/2 hours. Value: 0 to negative

I cannot say enough in praise of my experience here yesterday. I had cleverly reset the built-in the 3-digit combination lock on 2 of my suitcases and forgotten the codei. Great, fast, courteous service and very low cost.

The name says it all-if you need keys, locks, or key/lock accessories then this is the place for you. I've had a number of keys made here and they always come out to be under $2 per key. The old man who makes the keys is really nice, so that's a positive. From my experience the quality is similar to what you might get in a hardware store (note I've never had a hardware store key fail, but apparently the keys here NEVER fail), so if you have a store nearby that makes keys then there really isn't a reason to trek to Porter Square, but if not, then come on down to the Commonwealth Lock Company. They also have a huge, huge, HUGE stock of keys so if you need a hard to find key, then they probably have it.

Why does it feel like I am entering a land of magic when I walk into this shop where the men smell like tobacco and there are keys (keys to everything!) lining the walls... True, it may take 10 minutes for the old man there to copy your keys, but watching him work makes me smile. And did I mention they copy anything?!?! The tiny key to my mailbox? The lock box at work? The crazy long key to the odd lock in my apartment? Car keys...? Yup. This is the place. It sort of makes me feel like I've got one foot in a fantasy novel and another in 1940. I am almost considering making extra copies of keys just to go back!


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