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National Burial Index  May 3, 2017 – 09:20 am
Cctv in Preston

The burial records contributed by BMSGH constitute the Greater Birmingham Burial Index, the Warwickshire Burial Index and the Worcestershire Burial Index. The information to be found on each of these records may be all there is in the original source (that is the burial register). But there may be additional information that we have in detail. Or we may just have an indication that there is some information in the register but we do not have the details. Or there may be some more information in the register but we have no note that there is.

Sorry but we can only accept postal enquiries, with an SAE, addressed to the appropriate Index holder to be found below. An enclosed cheque for £4 (less 20% for BMSGH members quoting their membership number) will cover up to three burial entries where we supply the additional detailed information we have. Further entries are charged at a rate of 20p per entry. We will let you know if we believe there is more information (or not) in the register, but where we do not have it in detail. In these cases no charge will be made and your cheque will be returned in your stamped addressed envelope.

Only Sterling cheques are acceptable and two IRCs can be sent as alternatives to an SAE.

Addresses for enquiries: (Groups as indicated on Second Edition of NBI)


Greater Birmingham Burial Index (inc some STS) and Warwickshire Burial Index (including Preston on Stour GLS, & Quinton GLS). Mr David Pullar, 1 Kemble Close, Willenhall, West Midlands WV12 4DQ. (Erratum: The burials attributed to Clifford Chambers, St Helens for the years 1665 -1812 are from the Coleshill, St Peter & St Paul register.)


Worcestershire Burial Index (including Pebworth GLS, & Stoke Bliss HEF (1571-1812). Bernie and Mary McLean, 7 Rodman Close, Edgbaston, Birmingham, B15 3PE
(Erratum: Hall Green, St Peter? (sic) should read Job Marston’s Chapel in the parish of Yardley – later parish Church of the Ascension, Hall Green)


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