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BCAA  April 3, 2017 – 07:03 am
Fensome Locksmiths Northampton - 24 HOUR Services


Perfect for those who live in the city and mostly drive short distances.


Ideally suited to those who live in the suburbs, regularly commute and like weekend getaways.


Great for anyone who travels longer distances across BC, or out of province.

24/7 Roadside Assistance

Help is never far away. Get coverage anywhere in Canada or the United States, 24/7/365, simply request help online or call *222 on your cell.

Towing Distance

If problems are beyond a roadside fix, we'll tow the distance listed under your Membership type (extra distance has per-km rate charge).

5km 160km 320km

Fuel Delivery

We'll deliver gas to you if you've run out, and depending on your Membership type, we'll deliver up to 10L of fuel for free.

At cost Free up to 10L

Locksmith Coverage

In a bind? Members are covered for up to $50 or $100 of unlocking or locksmithing service to fix or replace keys for your vehicle.

$50 $100

RV Coverage

Add $20

Additional Family Member

Cover family members living at the same place as you.

$85 $120

Roadside Assistance Calls (4)

Save at BCAA Partner Locations

Show your BCAA Membership card at over 100, 000 partner locations worldwide to save on everyday shopping, entertainment, hotels, dining and more!

Save on BCAA Insurance

Save at BCAA Auto Service Centres

Trust BCAA for all your mechanical repair and service needs. We provide warranty-approved service, Red Seal Certified Technicians and your satisfaction is guaranteed. BCAA Members get Exclusive Savings, 2-Year Warranty and a FREE Car Wash with every service. Learn More

Free Evo Car Share Membership

Evo is simple to use and one of the most convenient ways to get around the city. Just pick up a car near you, take it for as long as you want and end your trip within the Home Zone. Plus, if you’re a BCAA Member, you’re an Evo Member too, it’s FREE. Get 60 free minutes when you sign up and save 10% on driving rates. Learn More

Safe Ride Home

Bike Assist

Kids Go Free

Save the carpool too. Sign up your kids (15 years old and under) for free roadside assistance when they're in anyone's car with your Plus or Premier Membership. Learn More

Motorcycle Coverage

Get some open air motoring knowing you're covered just the same as your car or truck.

Roadtrip Interruption Coverage

Travel Assistance Services

Home Insurance Deductible Benefit

Two Day Car Rental

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