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Find Top-Rated Saint Louis Locksmiths  December 15, 2016 – 05:12 pm
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I did a botch job installing a new latch and bolt lock assembly on the front door of my home. A few days after I installed it, it fell apart (that was late Saturday night). I headed back to the hardware store early Sunday morning only to learn that they do not sell (off the shelf) door latches and locks that fit the width of my door. So, not wanting to have no door knob or lock on our front door, I decided to find someone to fix my handy-work and Provider name locked. and Key called me back shortly after I left a message. I gave the details of the saga of my botched install job, the brand of lock I had purchased, etc. A couple hours later, he showed-up with a new new bolt lock of the same brand and that matched and fit in with the style I had purchased, and re-installed the entire thing (with some other parts he brought and with the newer upgraded bolt lock (including doing some drilling on my door)) in 15 minutes flat. He completely vacuumed and cleaned up the area after the drilling. My wife and I truly appreciated the fast and high quality service. It was pricey as a Sunday emergency call, but the quality, professionalism and service was top notch.


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