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The San Jose Locksmith  October 25, 2016 – 03:18 pm
Locksmith San Jose CA | San Jose Expert Locksmith 5564 Monterey
1144 Kelez Dr
San Jose, CA 95120
(408) 687-0714

Barry helped me out of a real jam with the utmost courtesy, integrity, and professionalism. Not only is he highly skilled, he is extremely knowledgeable, and in a very consultative manner he was happy to leverage the insights he has gained over the years to help me make the best choices for my situation, and just as importantly, avoid choices I'd regret later on. I will choose Barry and his company time and again. Thank you!

Professional, efficient and friendly, Barry was able to help me get back into my place while making me feel better about my stupidity!! He is also honest and fair, a very trustworthy person. I'd highly recommend Barry to anyone needing locksmith services.

I felt the need to review this wonderful locksmith service. I needed my locks changed immediately. I called many locksmiths with no response. Until I contacted San Jose locksmith. He was very professional and got back to me right away. He came to my house and was very friendly and polite. He fixed the lock quickly and was even nice enough to make me a few extra keys. Two months later, I called again because of his wonderful service. The doorknob itself broke and fell off. He answered the phone once again right away. He came within the hour and fixed the doorknob free of charge. What a great company and service. It's nice to do business with a honest family owned business.

I can't even begin to explain how thankful I am for Berry! He saved the day! Our family salon was broken into and we were freaking out big time. I yelped and long behold, AAA has amazing reviews. Berry calmed my mom down as she was anxious about this whole situation as it has never happened to her before. He was able to come out within an hour and get the new locks put in did the salon. Berry is professional, honest and efficient. Thank you for saving the day!

I was frantically searching for someone to help me get back in my locked room and found out the Barry's services were both the quickest and most affordable. He came to my house in under 20 minutes and was able unlock my door efficiently. He also noticed that some of my locks were upside down and took them apart and fixed the orientation for no extra charge. He even checked to make sure my deadbolt was secure with long screws and explained how it all worked and how many homes get broken into and the methods the deadbolts use to prevent against break ins. Was extremely relatable and made good conversation all while doing his job. Enjoyed talking with him and made it a much less stressful experience. I loved the professionalism and explanations which showed genuine interest in his field. Highly recommended


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