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San Mateo Lock Works  July 23, 2017 – 12:45 pm
Locksmith San Mateo
321 2nd Ave
San Mateo, CA 94401
(650) 344-4905

Went in to get my 2010 Prius FOB programmed ($60 for program and $60 for key cut) and was helped by Gabriel. Had also spoken with Erick on the phone prior to get pricing. Both gentlemen were very friendly, helpful and knowledgeable. I had called to schedule time to come in and was told that it would be good to come in at that time, since mornings are slower. It was around 10am when I went there and was in/out of there in a few minutes. If it was 10 minutes, I'd be surprised. Quick and easy. Definitely recommend. I've been here before to get locks re-keyed as well and was happy with the service then also.

Review for copying/duplicate keys GO TO LOWES FIRST! It's much cheaper, and you can get the same great customer service at Lowes by the Tanforan Mall. If it's any household/gate key go to Lowes. If it's a specialty key like ones that say "Do Not Duplicate", then yes go to San Mateo Lock Works. Guys at San Mateo Locks Work know their stuff, and will duplicate complicated keys, but they over charge for the simple ones. A simple visit to make sets of keys could cost you $88 and the same set would be $20-$30 at Lowes. Lowes $1.97~ per key San Mateo Lock Works $4 - $8 per key

I spoke with both Jesse and Gary. They were both great. I had an old safe inherited from my parents years ago. They had bought it from the San Mateo Lock Works years ago. Recently we were having problems opening it. I called the number on the safe. Jesse took the time to email specific instructions to try. Failed again. Called back and Gary walked me through it again and I was able to open it. They were both so nice and very patient and very knowledgeable. Gary gave me great information about having the safe serviced, which I had no idea needed to be done, and what to look out for when searching for someone in San Jose.

Bought a lockset to replace one on my door. Because of previously cut holes there were not many choices. I found a display model I thought would fit. Since it was a one of a kind floor model it wasn't priced. I was offered the set at what turned out to be only 8% off retail for a floor model. Oh well. Arranged for installation because I wanted a professional job, not just a handyman. Should have gone with the handyman. The installer was very nice and worked really hard to install. Had to cut the hole a little higher to make the locks work. Problem was when the hole was cut he didn't use tape to prevent splintering. Also couldn't put on an outside decorative plate. Okay, I can paint. What I didn't bargain for was that the wood between the dead bolt and handle popped off a layer making it very hard to patch with an installed lock that I just paid $178 to get installed! When I asked them to fix what they had done Gary said it was not their problem they are not painters and they can't predict these things. They are the experts right? They should make the installation right. Any offer of help came only with a price tag on how much it would cost me additionally. After he tried to explain why he wouldn't fix it for the third time I couldn't help but hang up. Not at all helpful on fixing their problems. Update alert. I had Deluxe Window and Doors replacing a garden Window for me today. I was asking the window installer (who did a great job by the way) about the lock problem. He couldn't believe what a bad job was done. He cheerfully drilled the hole and little higher and then the lock slipped right in with the outside face plate to cover the damage. It really was San Mateo Lock Works problem and not my door as they said. I would erase stars if I could. I'll try to post a new photo soon. Boo on San Mateo Lock Works. A little professionalism and service goes a long way!

my wife and i had jesse and michael out to hang seven internal doors w/all new hardware in our post-remodel house... they were prompt, professional and friendly, and were done with all seven in about three hours! the doors are perfectly hung and the new locksets look and work great. i would definitely recommend sam mateo lock works to a friend.

These guys did a great job fixing my door and making it more efficient and secure. Got here quickly and the installer George was amazing super nice guy and friendly!!!


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