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If the existing locks can be rekeyed, then you may opt for asking our south beach locksmith to rekey your locks.

The process of changing the configuration of the old locks by reprogramming the hardware is called rekeying or changing the locks. This means that only the new key will work, and the old one will be ineffective. There are several benefits to doing this.

  • It saves you money so you don’t have to replace the entire hardware of the lock.
  • You can rekey all the locks to work with the same key so you don’t have to take multiple keys with you.
  • You can ensure that no unauthorized individual can gain access to your property.

Changing locks:

There are certain circumstances in which you should consider altering your lock. Here are some factors:

  • If the old lock is in a bad state and is torn off, it will be difficult to lock or unlock the device.
  • Improving the security levels particularly for main and back entries and the doorways that have precious items.

In these circumstances, contact our locksmiths in South Beach at (305) 925-9946 to upgrade your security grades. But still, it is not required to change the lock and key systems of your whole house. The security systems and our expert Locksmiths are experienced and adept to offer you all kinds of services that meet your requirements. So, when you shift to a new location you don’t need to be concerned about the security.


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