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Eagle’s Locksmith is proud to call Cincinnati, Oh there home. Find yourself lockout and in need of locksmith services, you can count on Eagle’s Locksmith – Your most trusted Cincinnati locksmith. Our mobile locksmith technicians are on call 24 hours a day to drive directly to your location. We pride ourselves on being a local business, serving every corner and neighborhood of Cincinnati; we can show up to your location within 20 minutes.

Eagle’s Locksmith provides locksmith services including:

  • Unlocking Cars and Houses
  • Lock Repairs
  • Lock Re-Keying
  • Lock Replacement
  • High Security Locks
  • Master Key System
  • Key Duplication
  • Detex Alarm Lock
  • Commercial / Business Locksmith
  • Residential Locksmith

The Locksmith profession has existed since the Ancient Egyptian and Babylonian empires, 4000 years ago. In those days, locksmiths forged mechanisms made of wood that could prevent door bars from moving. These devices worked on the earliest key tumbler principals – only being movable with a large wooden key that was pushed upwards into the lock slot. The earliest found lock hails from about 404 BC, and was discovered in the artifacts of the Assyrian Empire. Before these locks were created, people used complex rope knots to seal doors to the frame. Once the art of metallurgy was perfected in 1700s Europe, more technically advanced keys and locks were forged – long awaited improvements on designs that hadn’t progressed since ancient Rome. As the industrial revolution changed manufacturing, smaller artisanal locksmiths became forced to split into separate professional factions – those who provided consumer grade locksmith services (repair and key replication) or high-security industrial grade lock manufacturing (for large companies, banks, or government facilities.)

Currently, locksmiths are one of the most common and omnipresent service industries out there. All homes and businesses have doors – hence the need for locksmiths who can provide locks for – or fix – these essential entrances. Most locksmiths provide their service in their shops, with general door related technology like hinges, frames, and door closers – as well as copying keys. Some modern locksmiths design complete security systems, by adding various layers of locks to protect against forced entry – while others specialize in a single specialized field, such as servicing automobile (and other vehicular) locks. Some locksmiths work out of a mobile truck, to maximize the ease of customers who would prefer not to have to travel.

Household Locksmith

Household lock-and-key based entry systems are as variable in size, shape, and style than any ordinary home decor. They function on multiple levels – both aesthetically matching your exterior entrance, and preventing all unwanted entry. Most houses have traditional entry systems utilizing doorknobs, handsets, and deadbolts. This layout has different options, such as maintaining separate keys for the handset and deadbolt, the deadbolt locking from the inside or outside, or the installation of a handle set that opens the latch and deadbolt at once. Household entry systems are available in basic residential security levels, to high security commercial grade security levels.

Commercial Locksmith

Most commercial security systems utilize electronic locks in exterior doors, that can be linked with the electronic security system of the entire building. This kind of access infrastructure requires workers to enter a code or scan a card to enter a room, eliminating everyone’s need for keys. Most interior entry systems – for drawers, desks, filing cabinets, etc – utilize traditional key and lock systems. These keyed security devices can get re-keyed or get their locks upgraded.


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